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Highly safe and encrypted support system for complete security to your data.


Safe and personalized bands for secured and efficient one-to-one communication.


24/7 support for any queries and information on Nerocounter security services.


Information breach tracking and reverse hack tracking for all illegal practices.


Install a highly secure and easy to operate security system developed to protect cloud storages and communication records.

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Monitor your site visitors for always keep a track on any suspicious activities.


They have highly encrypted service for protecting all our business information which needs to be protected at all costs. Customer support always helps me in learning more about new security features.

Andrew K. Kelly


A Trip

How much would a trip around the world cost exactly

Well, this happens to be one of the first questions that is asked by anyone who has a great thirst to travel the planet. The best shot at nailing down just exactly how much it would cost would be for you to make a list of all of the countries that you want to visit. It is undoubtedly a very tricky question to answer because the costs are very different in different countries. It all depends on your destination and also the length of the trip as well. In this list, I will make sure to include some things that have the most influence when it comes to the cost of the trip.


When you are going out of your country, you should know that it will certainly cost you a lot of money. Where are you are going also has a great influence when it comes to the overall cost of what’s up around the planet. Prices will completely depend on the location. For example, if you want to go to the คา สิ โน สด United Kingdom, the cost of living is really high up there, and you will end up spending a lot more money. But if you want to go to India, the cost of living is not that high down there, which is why you will not spend too much money.

Getting you from one region to another well undoubtedly cost you a lot of money. It has been estimated that the average ticket possible cost you $2500-$4000 and this would be a collective cost analysis. You will also need to keep some accommodations in mind. If you are going alone, I recommend that you stay in hostels because they are the cheapest. If you are travelling with family, try and stay in affordable hotels. Food and drink is also going to be a huge part of your expenditure. You should start investing in local food because you should explore the local cuisine when you are in a different country. There is also another reason; local cuisine is very cheaper than foreign cuisine.

If we are speaking realistically, I set around the planet, which would include a minimum of 15 to 20 countries will cost you somewhere between $40,000-$50,000, which is basically a small fortune. Make sure you have a good time. You should also make sure that you have packed all of the necessary medication that you will need when you go to so many countries. To go to some countries, you will have to be vaccinated against some diseases because it is pivotal that you get it done. You should also know that distributing the money between all of the suitcases is one of the best options for you because you never know what might happen on the trip. You should also pack some energy bars. This has been an informative guide.



Free Website Chat Widgets That Make Your Site Engaging

The kind of enhancements that you bring to your site are also the kind of ones that predict the amount of time that a user is going to spend. The goal lies in the fact of ranking and becoming one on the top. But to achieve that, you have to get started on a couple of things. One major part of the criteria tends to be chat widgets since they are quite engaging and helps people interact. Due to that, installing them on your website will be the right direction towards ranking. Hence, to be more elaborative, here are chat widgets that make your sit engaging.

You might have heard about and may have also understood all about their set of advantages. is another product that comes from the same house. Regardless of the kind of platform that you are using, adapts well and keeps you posted. Apart from that, Meboo also brings in Yahoo! Messenger, AIM since it is quite compatible with the same. Users or visitors need not register and can carry the process forward in a comfortable manner.



Merging the benefits of the social web with the features of a traditional desktop IM clients may not sound like a great idea. But CBox did it with ease and brought out actual results along the process. In terms of user experience, the application scores well on all counts and leaves you with a smile. The free version includes specific features, and the rest is readily available with a small amount of payment that goes into the premium mode. Features such as add free content, bigger bandwidth are all available with the premium version.


In terms of popularity, it might be a bit hard to beat Chatango. This website chat widget helps you get access to a lot of tools and pushed forward the engaging part. Thanks to the ability of customisation, one might not have the right clue about the direction that they can head into. With different roles and features, it is quite safe to say that Chatango can help you in so many ways.


Mibew Web Messenger

Mibew Web Messenger is another popular widget that is also known as Open Web Messenger. The application is free, and open-source chat messenger helps to curb down a couple of requirements. Although it may not be as good as the ones mentioned above, it still manages to begin on firm ground. Built with live customer support, the application goes beyond ways in terms of features and accessibility. Hence, by all means, you get your hands on Mibew Web Messenger to avail certain benefits. So there ends our list of some of the best website chat widgets.


Essential Tools for Every Website Owner

Creating a website is just the first step of the process that needs to go as planned. Once it begins to surface, you have another list of criteria that you need to solve. They tend to talk about maintaining a website and keeping it engaged with the masses. This also happens to be a significant requirement for the marketing team to ensure that things are always heading in the right direction. But achieving the same might not be an easy thing without the right kind of tools. To provide quality and credibility at its very crust, you need a specific set of tools. Hence, we are going to help you out by naming a few of them.


Piktochart is quite popular among the right set of individuals. All the non-designers lean on this application to create some basic designs. In terms of user experience, the application is a perfect representation of how to satisfy an individual. Be it charts or videos; anything is possible with Piktochart. Going further, numerous individuals were also quite happy with the autosave option. If you leave all that aside, then PIktochart still stands as one of the best infographics creators that every website owner needs to implement.



Mention is an application that gives it all away right from the name. This social media monitoring tool will help you receive the right kind of results that are needed to take your website forward. The free plan that comes intact enables you to track around 500 mentions per month. Anything beyond tends to require a small payment. Overall, the application delivers and the user experience is simple and straightforward. Hence, for the right steps towards monitoring, go ahead and get “Mention”.

SEO Ranking

SEO Ranking

The primary importance of SEO is something that we need not stress upon. But at times, it might be hard to pile up data and check the path of success. But for that purpose, all you need is SE Ranking. The application is nothing but a cloud-based SEO service that does all the required tasks for you. Based on the type of credibility of your marketing campaigns, the application provides results and helps you get started on the right note.

Google Analytics

A list of tools for website owners may never be complete without mentioning Google Analytics. The powerful analytics tool helps you to get access to the right kind of resources that are needed to pioneer growth in the right direction. Apart from the location of a visitor, you can avail details about the amount of time that they spent on your website. Thanks to factors like design and tools, user experience tends to be an easy process.

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